What Do You Do? 7 Legal Businesses You Didn’t Know About

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By CraigNewby

1. The madame

Susan Austin owns two Nevada legal brothels. The Mustang Ranch and Wild Horse Adult Resort & Spa are more like resorts than “houses of ill reputation.” Despite Austin’s unique services, her marketing strategies aren’t much different from any other.

Austin stated that running two legal brothels presents many challenges. “I would say that the greatest challenge is getting the word out about us to potential guests that we are safe and our ladies have the best and most welcoming women in the world. Nevada law forbids us advertising. We’ve had to overcome that restriction with different degrees of success.

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2. The sex expert

That got your attention? Yes, she does teach people how to have good sexual relations and how to have good sex. You might have to explain it to someone on the subway.

Adams-Miller stated that society is often taken aback when they hear the name ‘The Sexuality Tutor’. Their initial reaction is to be uncomfortable with the unfamiliar terminology and preconceived notions. But, their initial impression quickly transforms into intrigue and curiosity, with a desire for more. This is followed by their personal declaration of or confession of a problem they are having in their lives.

3. Facilitator of the affair

Noel Biderman wasn’t surprised that some people find the very existence of Ashley Madison, the website he created, offensive. Biderman made these comments before he was forced to resign as CEO of Ashley Madison in 2015. This was in the wake a data breach scandal in which thousands of users’ data were compromised.

Ashley Madison was founded in order to help couples cheat on their spouses. The company has changed its name to “open-minded experiences and exploring moments” since the data breach. It also tries harder to appeal to women who were previously underrepresented on the site.

4. Online dating ghostwriter

Even though it may not be illegal, a job can look a little dicey. Online dating profile ghostwriting is one great example. You wouldn’t like to tell someone that your dating profile was written by another person on your first date. You wouldn’t even want to tell someone that they were posing as yourself in conversation. These activities are not prohibited by law.

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To help them complete their profiles, online dating ghostwriters may be hired by people who have difficulty writing or speaking English. An online dating ghostwriter might also be hired by English speakers who have trouble writing. If they find it boring to converse, other people may give the keys to a ghostwriter.

Many online dating ghostwriters find work on popular dating sites and freelance markets. Their work is often characterized by a high level of discretion and sharp writing skills.

5. The marketing specialist for medical marijuana

Although medical marijuana and cannabis use generally don’t have the same stigma, there are still misconceptions.

Elizabeth Robinson’s medical marijuana communications company, Grow Room Communications treats marijuana as any other product to be marketed. Her firm is guided by a few marketing rules.

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Robinson said, “This is medicine.” Robinson’s firm is located in Denver, Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal since more than 20 years. “And the industry must behave more like the pharmaceutical sector in the way that it presents itself.”

There have been many misconceptions about medical marijuana. They mainly believe that marijuana is a recreational drug. However, these perceptions are quickly changing. Robinson and others like her helped to change this perception by helping companies, including technology providers, schools and web designers, improve their public image, and assist with medical marijuana dispensaries.

6. The penny stock trader

Although penny stock trading can be a lucrative venture, there are many negative connotations associated with the industry. Peter Leeds, the “The Penny Stock Professional,” said that they include “pump-and-dumps, promotional stocks and widows being duped out of their money, scams, the mafia and spam emails.”

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7. The crypto meme artist

You wouldn’t have believed that bitcoin would become so popular 10 years ago. Its popularity is due in part to the online cryptocurrency communities that love memes. Other cryptocurrencies, which number more than 16,000, may also hire crypto meme artists. Yes, meme artists.