A Small Business Guide to Outsourcing

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By CraigNewby

If you’re looking to expand or streamline the way tasks are completed, outsourcing could be just what your business needs.

Many entrepreneurs may assume that outsourcing is only for large corporations with plenty of funds to spend; large corporations typically enlist freelancers and smaller businesses as outsourcing partners; however, entrepreneurs and smaller-scale enterprises alike are discovering its many benefits for themselves.

Technology’s capabilities have made outsourcing an attractive option for small business owners, enabling them to focus their energies on running the main duties of their company instead. Like anything in business, there are risks involved with outsourcing; however if handled appropriately it could prove transformative for small firms.

Below we present some of the key concerns business owners need to keep in mind when considering an outsourcing option for running their company:

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Increase productivity

Companies that choose outsourcing often find they can better organize their time and focus on the core competences of the business by outsourcing. Many entrepreneurs think they are capable of handling everything themselves; by outsourcing some tedious tasks they can focus on those which truly contribute to growth in their company.

Outsourcing allows business owners more freedom and ability to set goals and find innovative ways of increasing productivity.

Gain Expertise

It is impossible for any one person to excel at everything, which means business owners often need to put forth extra effort in the areas they don’t enjoy or find challenging.

Outsourcing can be a useful strategy to offload business owners from tasks they deem too time consuming or tiring, enabling them to focus their energy and effort where it belongs: building their strengths.

Grow your team

Outsourcing allows businesses to form expert teams with various abilities across a range of fields without having to hire full-time employees. Businesses can utilize whatever skills are needed whenever required without incurring the added financial and administrative strain associated with managing employees on an ongoing basis.

Improved costs

Outsourcing may appear as an extra cost when managing every aspect of your business in-house; however, when executed professionally it could prove more worthwhile than expected and lead to greater profits for your organization in the long run.

Outsourcing may result in higher-quality work that boosts revenue for companies and makes expanding business more cost-effective for entrepreneurs.

When is the right time to outsource?

Before outsourcing services, companies must first secure the necessary funding. This can often prove more challenging when starting up, due to lower cash levels initially.

Start-up and small businesses often outsource early services like bookkeeping or virtual assistance when beginning.

Outsourcing can give companies the ability to test out various services and reduce expenses by testing different solutions. If one service doesn’t suit or costs are rising too rapidly, outsourcing may be terminated or switched up accordingly.

Before outsourcing, business owners should ask themselves:

  • Are My Finances Able to Cover Outsourcing Costs?
  • Are the costs expected to benefit my company directly?
  • What should I outsource and what can I do myself to complete this work?
  • Does outsourcing add value and experience to my company?
  • Doing business through outsourcing helps me overcome my weaknesses while enabling me to focus solely on my strengths?
  • How should I outsource parts of my business?

Technology advancements mean that nearly any task can now be outsourced, and more professionals than ever are opting to become freelancers full-time or contractors.

But just because there are multiple alternatives for outsourcing specific jobs does not indicate it would not be wise to do so.

Owners must decide if and in what areas their business should outsource any tasks and decide the greatest potential benefits from outsourcing.