How should a creative dissertation proposal look

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By CraigNewby

A dissertation proposal is a statement showing what your future research project intends to achieve.  Supervisors of research projects and university admissions staff use it to gauge the feasibility of research and test the overall readiness for postgraduate study. On some occasions, it might help to get financial support from supporting bodies. It is a document that sells the research project hence it is essential to know how a creative dissertation proposal should look.

 A creative dissertation proposal does not mean deviating from the scholarly conventions because it is the outline of a research project. It should creatively do the following:

Show significance of your project

  • Pose a narrow question and recommend an approach to answer it
  • Explain the shortcomings in the current literature on the subject and offer a way to solve the problem
  • Sell the abilities that make you a right person for solving the problem in your educational field
  • Prove that your research will be significant and groundbreaking if it possible

Demonstrate writing and communication skills

A dissertation proposal should show that you suit to be in a Ph.D. program which is the highest.  The plan should show your ability to communicate ideas formally thus your quality of grammar, structure and logical flow should be the highest. You writing should be highly formal.   The process has a long lead time, and professors do not expect mistakes, but luckily students at this academic stage have the experience in writing various academic assignments.

Deviating from scholarly writing style will not show creativity but undermine the proposal. Use third person objectivity and restrain creativity in the introduction.  Here you can be creative by using an anecdote, personal narratives or quotes.

 Appeal to your reader

 A dissertation proposal is formal, but there is leeway to use creativity to achieve the following:

  1. Show that your research is original

Your submission will be among hundreds that reviewers or funding agencies will receive. Highlight the processes of research that show your work is different, innovative and resourceful.

  1. Show relevance of your project

Show that the research project is going to create an impact in your educational field and the general public but only when it is possible.

  1. Show the knowledge off

Do not withhold exhibiting what you know about the subject.   You should show off your capability to research by laying out your experience in the field in the proposal. Use this opportunity to purpose the issues that market yourself as the most reliable researcher if you intend to ask for some external research funding.   Tweak the dissertation proposal to fit the primary themes and funding priorities of possible funding agencies.

Address the supervisor

Tailor your research proposal to suit the interests and specialist area of a specific supervisor if you hope to work with him or her. Academicians prefer to deal with persons who share similar academic interests.

 When writing a dissertation proposal, it is important to organize it in the appropriate academic structure comprising of an introduction, literature review, research methodology, and references.

Proofread and edit before submission to polish as well remove the errors.