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Many wood processing companies face problems with scrap wood residuals. Although there is a demand for wood fiber in some areas, such as for boiler fuel or particle board, it has a low value. It can be expensive to ship it if there isn’t a local buyer. Wood processors have a way to increase the value of wood residuals by making wood pellets out of the wood residues that were produced during the production process. Pellet production is a viable alternative to the generation of agricultural biomass. Here’s a list to help you find the best pellet manufacturing equipment vendors.

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Alaska Pellet Mill

Alaska Pellet Mill manufactures and supplies a variety of pellet-making machines, including flat wood pellet mills. The machine can produce pellets up to a few hundred pounds per hour, or large commercial mills that produce 12 tons of pellets an hour.

Amisy Machinery

Amisy Group offers a variety of pellet-making machines, including wood pellet mills, Wood Pellet Cooler, wood crusher mills and wood chips dryers. The company has been in the business of installing biomass plants around the globe for over 14 years.

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Bliss Industries

Bliss Industries, a Ponca City-based company, is located in Oklahoma. Bliss is a specialist in equipment for the reduction of size, the creation and cooling of pellets from different materials.

Buskirk Engineering

Buskirk Engineering, an Ossian-based manufacturer of biomass density systems, such as pellet mills and hammermills, turn-key units, MPU mobiles, cooling conveyors, vibratory screensers and other ancillary products, is based in Indiana. It ships its products all over the U.S.

California Pellet Mill

CPM, a California-based manufacturer of pelletizing machines, manufactures and supplies pellet and flaking mills, coolers.

Freedom Equipment

Freedom Equipment, a Rockford-based equipment sales company that sells used equipment, offers pellet mills.

Gemco Energy

Gemco Energy, a China-based supplier of pelletizing equipment, has been in business since 2004. GEMCO is ABC Machinery’s biomass densification division.


KAHL is a German manufacturer that produces wood pelleting plants and straw pelleting plants. The pellet mills can produce from 300 to 8,000 kilograms per hour of output per press.

Kesir North America

Kesir, an international manufacturer of wood pellet mills, produces large-sized wood pellet mills and supplies them. Kesir claims that its prices are affordable and the payback time is often less than one year. Lease programs are also available.

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Pelheat, a UK-based company, manufactures pellet presses and pellet plants.

Vecoplan Midwest

Vecoplan Midwest offers biomass briquette machines as well as turnkey pellet solutions at a reasonable price. Vecoplan equipment has been purchased by a number of pallet companies such as WestWind Logistics to make pellets from wood waste.

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Victor Pellet Machine

Zhengzhou Victor Machinery Co; Ltd, a Chinese company that supplies wood pellet mills to Europe and America, is Zhengzhou Victor Machinery Co; Ltd.