Raphtalia: Bio

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By CraigNewby

She has experienced many significant changes during the course of the story. Raphtalia was a child when Raphtalia first appears. She had long, unmanaged locks and wore a dirty, cloth gown. Naofumi purchases Raphtalia and gives her a cut to a manageable length. He also gives her a bath and gives her clothes that are more appropriate for adventure. Raphtalea, a mix-race of Tanuki and Raccoon, has fluffy ears and a bushy tail.

Raphtalia, after several weeks of traveling with Naofumi’s, experiences a body transformation that makes her appear like a young adult red pants womens. Raphtalia’s rapid growth is due to the discovery that demi-humans mature according to their level progression.

L’Arc mentions that Raphtalia 

Reverted to her child self when her level was reset to 1. She must continue to work to become an adult in the Glass’ World before she can reunite with Naofumi. Raphtalia, now an adult, begins to wear more appropriate clothing for a warrior. This includes a skirt, hide breastplate and lace-up boots. Raphtalea’s size also changes from a small knife, to a full-sized blade.

Raphtalia Personality

Raphtalia is shy, sickly and afraid at first. This is because she was a slave. She also has trauma memories from the destruction of her village. She overcomes the trauma of losing her parents to the Cerberus’ two-headed dog monster and recognizes Naofumi in her own eyes as a hero.

Naofumi recognizes her strength. Despite going through so much, including seeing her parents die and being sold along with other survivors. She also witnessed her best friend be tortured to death. But she still manages to keep her morals and her sanity. She wants to rebuild her village and fight for those who have wronged her. Naofumi is now able to help her rebuild her village and take his role as a hero seriously.

She wants Naofumi as a hero, but is disappointed with many of his actions. Raphtalea’s current focus is on efficiency in combat, training, and money spending. Naofumi sees this trait and feels that he raised her wrongly. She doesn’t care about her appearance nor efficiency. Naofumi is extremely close to her and she harbors deep feelings for her. He prefers to view her as his daughter’, raising her in place of her parents. matures and becomes more skilled in battle. She also becomes bolder, more opinionated, stronger-willed and fiercely protective her beloved Naofumi.


Raphtalia lived until she was 10 years old in Melromarc’s small coastal village. There, everyone lived happily until the first waves of calamity struck. Raphtalea fled with her parents during the attack. However, parents were unable to dive into the ocean to escape the monsters so Raphtalia made the ultimate sacrifice. As the wave approached her, her parents pushed her off the nearby cliff and she watched as her parents were swallowed by the Cerberus. Raphtalia survived the fall, and returned to her parents to search for them. However, she was unsuccessful. A group of Melromarc Knights arrived in her village shortly after and killed all adult survivors. All the young survivors were captured and sold to the slave hunters.

Idol Rabier bought her and several of her friends, who enjoyed torturing innocent demi-humans. Raphtalia lost her best friend, and was traumatized by the experience. She was then sold several times before she finally ended up with the Melromarc slave dealer. She was alone and weak and was eventually taken by a slave trader and sold in Melromarc’s capital. Raphtalia remained at the slave traders for several weeks, until NaofumiIwatani bought her. At that point her entire life was changed.

She has a strong bond with the Shield Hero to the point that she can tell his thoughts by his facial expressions. She points it out to him and scolds when he does something completely unnatural.

Raphtalia is a strong opponent of the Raph species. She finds it odd that a monster based on her genes would be created. She is shown to have the Vassal Hammer in the Web Novel rather than the Vassal Kitana.