SEO Tips: What Matters Beyond Keywords

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By CraigNewby

Without fail, the moment SEO strategizing is mentioned to a business owner or a company’s marketing team the first thing they think of is keyword optimization. Of course, keywords are important in the world of search engine rankings, but they are not the only SEO tool a top rated SEO company will use for your online marketing campaign.

Here are some SEO tips to improve your strategy beyond the use of typical keywords:

Tip 1: Research

Many SEO novices make the mistake of failing to do their fair share of keyword researching. This is a necessary step for high-quality content creation. Many companies and CEOs tend to outsource content creation for their website with very little collaboration or instructions on their end.

While the content may be created faster, it usually does not contain the fundamentals of the keyword, it is simply just about keyword density. Outsourcing is not a bad strategy, simply work with a top rated SEO company that does keyword research well to produce content that meets your brand’s standards.

Tip 2: Organization

There are always instances where we get an idea for SEO content at random times where writing everything down is just impossible. While writing when inspiration strikes is good, it is not really the best for streamlined content. An unorganized thought process, even from the best writer does not translate well on the page.

Take the time to organize your thoughts and ideas. Don’t be afraid of writing a rough draft, scrapping it, re-writing the idea over and over again, and then finally editing it a couple of times until the final product is well-organized, SEO-friendly, and easy to read and understand.

Tip 3: Write For The Readers

More often than not, companies tend to write content with the clear intention of increasing their search engine ranking. This means meeting all of the standards and the algorithm of the search engines. While this is a good SEO strategy, it does not necessarily mean the piece will connect with the reader.

By sticking to the strict guidelines of Google means forgoing the reader’s experience, which means losing the attention of your target market. Find a balance between content optimization and making it reader-friendly. Remember, you are trying to reach a wider audience, this will be impossible with an article that is hard to read and understand.

Tip 4: Stay On Brand!

Branding is a major part of SEO marketing, but it is often forgotten about. This should not be the case at all if you want all of your online marketing efforts to produce impressive results. Staying on brand is must to encourage and increase brand recognition. Be sure to prioritize brand building during the SEO marketing planning and strategizing phase, this will greatly help your business in the future.

Why SEO Experts Matter

Work with SEO experts who know that there is more to search engine optimization than just keyword stuffing and publishing mediocre content. Choosing the right team will have a major impact on your company’s success. With their knowledge, skills, and determination your SEO campaign will be worth the investment.
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