4 Simple Tips for Natural Hair Extensions

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By CraigNewby

Natural hair extensions are now often chosen if you want to make your hair longer instantly. Of course, rather than waiting for months to see it long, it is not bad to apply this method. Undeniably, hair extension has some cons as well. However, it is a good and effective alternative to change your appearance in general. Unfortunately, not all the methods of hair extensions are able to make your hair look natural. For natural results, here are some tips for you.

Choose the Same Color

There are so many ideas of hair extensions out there including the colors. In term of colors only, you can even see hair extensions with highlights and ombre styling. In this case, make sure to choose an extension which is right the same with your hair color. Interestingly, many hairstylists already provide the extensions with grades of colors. For example is when your hair is light brunette with natural blonde highlights, you can simply find one which is really the same.

Choose the Same Hair Texture

There are some types of hair we can see in this world naturally. Commonly, they are divided into three; straight, wavy, and curly. Of course, the intensity of straight, wave, and curl is different from one to another. Good news about this is that you can find one which is really the same with your natural hair, buy at for many choices. But if you are not, you can simply style the extension at first.

Semi-permanent Daily and Permanent Extensions

The methods to attach the extensions are also various, starting from temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. Temporary hair extensions are commonly done using hair clip. On the other hand, semi-permanent and permanent extensions use glue. For natural look, the semi-permanent and permanent extensions are more recommended. The glue tends to make the appearance of your hair look neater and more natural. Besides, it cannot be easily separated as well. The way to separate them can even only be done by the hairstylist who makes them attached.

Go to the Expert

This is probably the most important thing. Contact the hair extensions experts on Hairexten. Who does the extension will influence the result. The process of hair extension indeed needs accuracy and experience. The more expert he or she is, the results will be much better. Although you may be able to do it yourself, it is better to go to the hairstylist anyway. Besides, don’t be doubtful to choose the most trusted hairstylist for natural hair extensions.