What is “California Business Bureau”?

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By CraigNewby

California Business Bureau is a collection agency. These accounts are likely to be on your credit report as a “collections” account. This happens when you forget about paying a bill. If you have a collection on your credit report, it can damage your credit score (unless it is removed).

Is California Business Bureau A Real Company, Or A Scam?

Is a legitimate, legal company. They are a small collection agency located in the United States.

Do I need to negotiate a settlement or pay the California Business Bureau?

Your credit score may be negatively affected by settling in full or partially. Your credit score will be affected for seven years, regardless of how Business Summer Internships much you pay. There are options. Credit Glory successfully challenged collections from California Business Bureau, and similar companies, for thousands of clients across the country.

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Business Bureau will bring a lawsuit against me, sue me, or garnish my wages.

Not always. It’s possible for them to do this, but it can be very frightening. Credit Glory can help you challenge your debt and ensure that you are accurate, timely, and valid in reporting. You may never need to deal with them again. Contact us to find out how we can help fix your credit and avoid lawsuits.


This business has currently filed complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (or CFPB), and the Better Business Bureau. Many complaints concern inaccurate reporting or lack of response to requests for verification of debt.

Credit Glory can help you challenge negative accounts, improve your score, and get you the credit cards, home, and car you want.

Can You Remove Business Bureau Collection Accounts?

Credit Glory is a specialist in disputing California Business Bureau companies and similar entities. We have helped thousands of clients nationwide. We can help you, too!

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We recommend that you speak with a Credit Repair professional in order to review your credit report. Professionals can identify the causes of your score decline with much less hassle and stress.