Strategists: Horizontal and Vertical Business Cards

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By CraigNewby

Expert brand strategists who are experts in their field often repeat the same sentiment. This means that every aspect of your business cards design is crucial. Graphic design and branding are communication tools that reflect your brand’s culture and style. The right business cards will make your brand message stand out. You have two options when designing your business cards: a vertical business cards or horizontal design. Below are some details about which approach to choose.

Brand Strategists recommend Vertical Business Cards

Business cards can be more than just a way to transfer information. Business cards can also be used to market your company and yourself. A strong business card design is essential to stand out and gain customer trust and buy-in. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of vertical design.


Vertical design has many advantages. They draw the eye immediately.

A brand strategist can help you identify the most important variables to drive business growth. Vertical business cards are a great way to stand out and attract attention. This is especially useful if you are trying to offer something new and unique.

Vertical business cards have one disadvantage: they are different. Some clients are drawn to new and unique designs, while others prefer the same thing. They may be turned off by changing something they already consider standard.

Business cards are a potential risk. It is important to find a brand strategist who will be able to tell you whether or not it is worth taking.

According to Brand Strategists, Horizontal Business Cards

For a long time, horizontal business cards have been the norm for business cards. Generally speaking, all business cardholders use horizontal designs. The horizontal axis is used for all other storage and display options, including books, boxes, stands, and boxes.

It is often difficult for potential clients to create cards outside of the traditional way. You are only doing what other people expect.

This allows potential clients to quickly read all information on your card. This is partially why a business card was created. Information is more easily absorbed by people who already know what to expect.