Stressed About Getting A "Real" Job in 2014? Read This.

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By CraigNewby

I LOVE this article. I, too, recently spent what seemed like an eternity trapped in an in-between-adolescence-and-adulthood grey zone: working in restaurants coupled with unpaid internships, all the while wondering, “Will someone ever pay me to have a ‘real job’?” (I’m not discounting bar and restaurant jobs – I know first hand that they are the realessst – only using the term for a job which includes regular hours and health benefits) During that time, articles common to young-professional yuppy blogs, which give very specific lists of Dos & Don’ts and condemn all others who don’t fit into their box to failure, only filled me with panic. The positive outlook of this article is refreshing. The message is great: Keep hustling & keep your head up.
What lousy timing that you are entering the work force in the midst of an economic recession. It can really zap your self-confidence and ignite your fear when you face that kind of rejection. But, this is a golden opportunity to hone the skills you’ll need to be the total success you will surely be! All that tenacity that got you through college, grad school, and two internships will help you stick with the grueling, scary, and frustrating process of job hunting (and then creating a successful work life).
Deep breath, shoulders back — you can do this! Keep your resume tip-top perfect. (Have you had a professional head-hunter look at it and offer tips? It’s money well spent!) And, be brave enough to receive feedback from folks you interview with, even though you didn’t get the job. This can be invaluable in tweaking your interviewing skills, reorienting, or adding to your job skills and/or receiving advice to help you next time. Do this and THEN go for the chocolate!
So look at these areas and — this is the most important thing — keep going! Go on as many interviews as you can. Go out and talk to as many people as you can. Utilize social media with any spare time you have. It’s a well-known fact that word of mouth is how most people get their jobs. Talk to everyone/everywhere (bus, gym, hairdresser, dog-groomer — where ever you go, talk about you!).
Hat 2 — Therapist:
Transitioning from school to work can bring up a myriad of personal issues that, if left unchecked, can sabotage both job hunting and working. I help my clients in these critical stages of life to examine the (sometimes hidden) beliefs about themselves that can be blocking their success.
Believe me, all the 4.0 GPA’s in the world won’t trump these self-destructive messages. Dig in and change these erroneous thoughts, replace them with new feelings of self-worth, self-love, and true self-confidence and watch the opportunities start flooding your way. Good luck!