Tattoo business cards: How to bring people in the door

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By CraigNewby

Recently, I was looking through my business card portfolio and was shocked at how many tattoo cards there were. I was left wondering why I have worked with so many tattoo artists.

To see how their tattoo tattoo business cards  were working out, I phoned a few. Here are three conversations that I had with tattoo artists.

Personal Touch

Spokane artist, WA shared his reasons for wanting Hunt Valley Business Forum these cards. He said that the business cards he had seen online did not represent my vision. They wouldn’t allow me to be creative and display my skills.

He’s correct. Many business cards are too “cookie-cutter”. You can choose from a variety of templates and fonts. However, this does not allow you to be an artist like a tattoo artist.

“I wanted something that would showcase my art and my business. You can’t argue with that!


Minneapolis is home to another artist whom I spoke with. He said, “I want cards to last.” Referrals make up 90% of my business. I want my customers to be able to show their friends the cards I offer. This is how I gain more business.

When your customer is out with friends, showing off their new inks, someone will ask: “Where did that come from?” They can also flash your card!

A Premium Product

One of the last artists I spoke to was a New York lady. I was told by her that she takes a lot of pride in her work. I do not accept walk-ins. Customers Platinum tattoo business cards Pure Image Tattoo and Piercing come from Boston to visit me. My cards should not be used to lure clients in search of bargains.

She’s right! What does your business card say about who you are? Are you looking to let people know that your business card is the Rolls Royce for tattoo artists? Or the Hyundai Elantra for tattoo business cards artists?

Inspirational Tattoo Business Card Designs

If done well, a business card can help you make a connection with someone new and build trust. Business cards, just like the website, can be interactive elements. However, they also have the added benefit of being able to display the texture and shape of real materials. There are no set rules when it comes to creative business card design.

Instead of rummaging through your bag for paper and a pen, give the person a business card. This is much more professional and organized. This post contains 18 unique, creative and inspiring tattoo business cards. They are truly original and push the boundaries of design and imagination.