The Big List of Home Business Ideas

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By CraigNewby

  • Data Entry/Short Tasks

Crowdsourcing websites allow anyone to access their computer or phone to find micro jobs. Although these jobs pay very little, they can be completed quickly and in your spare hours so it can be a worthwhile investment. These will not pay enough to earn a living. These are a great way to start your own home business and build your nest egg.

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  • Create a virtual call center

You can either work from home or telecommute to offer your services as a call center agent. Work-at-home agents can be hired as employees or independent contractors by companies. You must ensure that all costs are accounted for when you work as a contractor.

  • Transcription

You can earn money working from home by using your typing skills as a transcriptionist. You will need to have some experience in transcription, but this is not necessary if you are just getting started. A specialty like medical transcription is also helpful. Many companies prefer contractors to hire home-based transcriptionists, but few do. This means that you might need to find clients in order to make some real money.

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  • Translation

Bilinguals can use their language skills to create a home-based business. These include voice talent, translation, interpretation and bilingual call center.

  • Franchise Opportunities

A franchisee can help you reduce the risk of opening a home-based business. A plan and policies have been created to help new business owners make many of the important decisions. There can be substantial costs and you will have already decided which type of franchise you want. Franchises are usually not available for home-based business, but there are some home-based franchises that are affordable.

  • Agent for Travel

You can either work as a call center agent for American Express from your home or start your own independent travel agency. It takes experience in the industry to be successful in either one.

  • Dog Walking

This could be the right business for you if you are a dog lover and can manage a lot of dogs at once. Dog walkers need insurance and a car.

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  • Dog Trainer

Dog walking is more difficult than dog walking. However, if you are able to walk dogs well, you can start a dog training business.

  • Mobile/Home Pet Grooming

While grooming requires skill and experience, the best thing about a mobile pet grooming service is the fact that you don’t need to invest in the infrastructure necessary for a physical storefront. Many customers

  • Cut

You may be invited to their home. You may prefer to set it up in your home if you are interested in starting a home business.

Pet Sitting/House Sitter

Most people who hire housesitters have a pet. However, some may want to maintain the appearance of someone’s home. You can live in your house or rent one.

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  • Personal trainer

You will need experience and certification to start a personal training company. These two things will help you find clients. Marketing and a specialty can be helpful.